A Patient Story – Beverly

In July 2019, Beverly had her annual mammogram. Due to her strong family history of breast cancer, it was recommended that she have a bilateral breast MRI six months later. The week after her MRI, she received a call from Parkwest Comprehensive Breast Center to schedule a bilateral breast ultrasound because of something that enhanced on her scan. Two days later, Dr. Amanda Squires, a Women’s Imaging Radiologist with Vista Radiology, conducted an ultrasound guided biopsy. Dr. Squires was not pleased with what she saw on the results and recommended Beverly have genetic testing. The following day, Beverly received a call from Dr. Squires informing her that the biopsy revealed malignant breast cancer.

When Beverly was growing up in nearby Maryville, Tennessee, her best friend’s sister was in Xray school. She would share with the girls about her experience which peaked Beverly’s interest. “I chose radiology because I was very interested in healthcare and wanted a career where I could help people,” shared Beverly. A retired CT/XR/MAMM Tech from Outpatient Diagnostic Center of Knoxville, Beverly first met Dr. Squires when she read Mammography for the center. “She was very knowledgeable, kind and we techs felt like she was the best mammography radiologist we had ever had,” she explained. Beverly went on to describe her experience now as her patient, “Dr. Squires was so sweet and caring during my biopsy and phone call the following day.”

Beverly is no stranger to breast cancer. Her maternal grandmother had breast cancer in her early 70’s resulting in a unilateral mastectomy followed by chemo and radiation. Around 3 years later, the cancer reoccurred in her Grandmother’s other breast ,but this time, it had metastasized to her bones and liver. She died around 6 months later. Beverly’s mom and aunt were also diagnosed with breast cancer. Following their treatments, they are now cancer free.

The impact of watching her family walk through breast cancer directly impacted the treatment she chose. Beverly’s surgeon explained that she had a 33% chance of reoccurrence. “Because of my mom and aunt’s success in beating breast cancer after having bilateral mastectomies, I felt like it was the right choice for me. I didn’t want to worry about it coming back in the other breast,” explained Beverly.

Beverly credits Dr. Squires with her positive outcome because of her recommendation for the follow up MRI. “I had no node involvement. They would not have found my cancer so early had it not been for Dr. Squires recommendation,” shared Beverly. She continued, “Dr. Squires saved my life! I have never felt so well taken care of by doctors in my life. They all worked together like a well-oiled machine.” When asked about how this experience has changed her, Beverly said, “The whole journey has made me so thankful and appreciative of how blessed I am.”

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