Physician Highlight:
Peter Emanuel, M.D.

Peter Emanuel grew up on the gulf coast in Mobile, Alabama where his father worked in construction. Dr. Emanuel learned much about people and the value of hard work while toiling alongside his father in the hot Gulf coast summers, but admits that the work inspired him to want something else for his life. As a child, Peter was very proficient in the sciences, enjoyed problem solving, and had a desire to take care of people. It was no surprise that he set his eyes on the medical field.

Peter attended medical school at nearby University of Alabama where he was first exposed to the field of radiology during rotations. He completed his residency at The University of Arkansas, known for a strong diagnostic and interventional radiology program, where residents are given many hands-on opportunities. Peter’s year of Vascular and Interventional fellowship training at the University of Virginia was quite intense. While draining, he admits he learned a great deal and gained invaluable experience. Dr. Emanuel chose the field of radiology because it touches most, if not all, of the specialty areas which he considers exciting. “I enjoy Diagnostic Radiology because it allows me to solve problems while helping others. Interventional Radiology offers more direct, hands-on patient care. I love both,” explained Dr. Emanuel.

After completing his fellowship in 1997, Dr. Emanuel began searching for a practice in East Tennessee where he and his wife could be near family and friends. He wanted to be part of an advanced medical community within a small town environment which led him to a group in Oak Ridge, TN which later became part of Vista Radiology, PC. He departed Vista temporarily when the Oak Ridge radiologists decided to leave and reform their own group. In 2007, Dr. Emanuel rejoined Vista, which he states was the best decision of his professional life. “I was attracted to being part of a larger group of sub-specialized radiologists with the ability to serve multiple locations,” explained Dr. Emanuel.

Dr. Emanuel enjoys the challenges of the constantly evolving new radiology technologies and techniques and is driven by his desire to provide the best care for his patients.

In addition to his care of patients, Dr. Emanuel assumed the role as President of Vista Radiology in 2019. He believes the practice is positioned as one of the strongest groups in the region. “As President of Vista Radiology, my goal is for the practice to remain one of the most progressive groups in the country and to provide the highest quality care to our patients and hospital partners,” he explained. With over 45 sub-specialized radiologists offering care 24/7, the group covers the entire expanse of radiology care.

In his spare time, Dr. Emanuel enjoys reading and exploring the world. His love of the outdoors has taken him hiking and trekking from the Smoky Mountains to Mongolia. He also enjoys spending time with his lovely wife and three wonderful, increasingly independent daughters.

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