Physician Highlight:
Sneha Thakur, M.D.

Sneha, a Knoxville native, has always had a love for people. Growing up, she enjoyed working with kids and could often be found spending her summers as a camp counselor. Sneha also loves animals. While her parents would not permit her to have a pet, she often volunteered at Young Williams Animal Shelter where she spent countless hours caring for animals.

She completed her undergraduate degree in Philosophy Neuroscience Psychology and English Literature. Sneha studied abroad in Costa Rica conducting tropical rainforest and cloud forest field research. It was during her undergraduate studies that she first met her husband.
Sneha’s decision to choose medicine was a common path in her family following both her parents and grandparents. “I chose medicine for the opportunity to heal, comfort, and care for those most in need,” she explained.
She attended New York Medical College which is where she discovered an interest in radiology. “I love working with people, so I always assumed I would choose a patient-facing specialty,” she shared. It was in a required elective course that she discovered a love of radiology. She continued, “I fell in love with the field from the first day of class, which was a complete surprise for me. Looking at medical imaging felt similar to looking at artwork. You create radiographs and CTs by capturing the light that filters through the human body, not unlike the images created by a stained glass window. I thought the concept was beautiful.” It was during Sneha’s rotations that she realized that many clinical decisions heavily rely on imaging interpretation, solidifying her decision to pursue radiology.

Upon completing her studies at New York Medical College, she returned home to Knoxville for her residency at University of Tennessee Hospital. Dr. Thakur describes the passion for her field best, “I am drawn by the intersection of medicine, technology, and problem solving. I love the ability to visualize the human body’s intricate structures and rapidly identify critical abnormalities.”

When asked how technology advancements have impacted her role, she explained, “Breast tomosynthesis has significantly improved the ability to provide state-of-the-art women’s healthcare.” She went on to share why she chose to join Vista Radiology, “Vista has a fantastic reputation, and I could tell Vista’s radiologists were genuinely happy and fostered a collegial environment. It was the perfect fit for me.”

In her spare time, Dr. Thakur enjoys spending time with her 1-year-old baby girl (Gia), husband (Nikhil), and their 90-lb rescue dog (Miyuki). When not with her toddler, she loves running outside with her dog. She loves traveling as a family, and together have visited Thailand, Cambodia, Peru, Japan, France, India, Spain, Italy, Mexico, and a few Caribbean islands since she and her husband were married in 2018. Dr. Thakur finds spending time outside in nature particularly therapeutic. When not outside, you’ll find her curled up with a good fiction book.

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