A Patient Story – Jane

It was Thursday morning and Jane was sitting at her kitchen table.  She had just finished breakfast when she lost her balance and fell off her chair into the floor. Jane tried to pick herself up but was unable to move. She had difficulty breathing and told her husband to grab the phone from her pocket.  Jane, age 77, is the primary caregiver of her husband, who suffers from Alzheimer’s. With her urging, he went to a neighbor for help.

When the EMT personnel arrived, they knew immediately that Jane was suffering from a stroke.  She recalled the paramedic announcing, “She has to go to Knoxville,” bypassing the local hospital. Jane does not remember many details but recalled that a nurse, from the stroke team, advised her to be very still because it was an emergency.  During the procedure Jane heard, Dr. Keith Woodward, Neuro-Interventional Radiologist with Vista Radiology, announcing, “We got it. You had a blood clot.” Jane could feel pain near her right ear as the clot was removed.  Following her procedure, she experienced some drawing on her right side but was talking and alert.

After discussion with Jane’s family, the doctors learned that earlier that week, she had a routine tooth extraction.  Jane was advised to stop her normal blood thinning medication.  She decided to wait until the following day to restart because the bleeding was so heavy.  Three days later, she suffered the stroke.

Jane is back to one mile walks three mornings a week and is able to care for her husband again.  “The Lord had everyone lined up for me that day,” said Jane.  When she met Dr. Woodward for a follow up visit, she expressed her extreme gratitude.  “I gave him a big hug for saving my life,” she exclaimed.

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