A Patient Story: Mamosa

September 4th was a normal morning for Mamosa Foster until she stepped out of her bed and fell to the floor. Her daughter heard her fall and immediately went to her side to ask what was wrong. Mrs. Foster could hear her daughter speak, but she was unable to respond.

Mrs. Foster was unable to tell the paramedics her daughter’s name. When she arrived at Fort Sanders Hospital’s Emergency Room, they informed her daughter she was having a stroke. The staff provided her daughter paperwork and shared the odds of her mother making a full recovery. Needless to say, it was a scary uncertain time.

In the ER, Mrs. Foster recalled being awake and hearing the medical team ask her a number of questions. She laughed as she reflected on how loudly they peppered her with questions. They thought she could not hear them. In reality, she simply could not respond. Following her surgery, she greeted her family by speaking to them. They were shocked and grateful for her recovery. The next day, Mrs. Foster returned home.

When Mrs. Foster reflected on the incident, she proudly shared, “My being taken to Fort Sanders that day and the fact that Dr. Hixson was there to help me was truly a God thing.” Dr. Hixson told her that as soon as he removed the blood clot on her brain, she began speaking to everyone. Mrs. Foster continued, “Dr. Hixson said there was no sign I ever had a stroke. God took care of me and guided his hands.”

Mrs. Foster, a retired school principal, is thrilled to be back to work as a consultant with Knox County Schools.

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