A Patient Story – Ted

“I am feeling just fine – as if it never happened”

– Ted, Stroke Patient

Ted turned to get out of bed. He immediately realized the right side of his body was completely numb. As he fell to the ground, he landed just out of reach of his phone on the night stand. With all of his best efforts, he could not reach the phone to call for help. Later that afternoon, his wife Margaret, arrived home from work to find her husband on the bathroom floor. Ted had crawled from his bedroom to the bathroom down the hall. His lips were blue and he was unable to move. Margaret immediately called 911.

Ted recalls being lifted into the medical helicopter. The next morning he awoke to his wife and step-daughter by his side. “Everything was working and I felt fine,” said Ted. “I was asked by a nurse if I wanted to take a walk and we looped around my hospital floor. I walked several more times that day on my own.” Ted was released from the hospital two days following his stroke.

During a follow up visit with Robert Hixson, M.D., an Interventional Neuroradiologist with Vista Radiology, he explained to Ted that he had suffered a stroke as a result of a brain clot. Dr. Hixson removed the clot through a minimally invasive proceedure which enters directly through the veins. Ted was thankful for his outcome and the work of Dr. Hixson. “I am feeling just fine – as if it never happened,” said Ted. He is enjoying his time back on the lake this summer.

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