Physician Highlight:
Amanda B. Squires, M.D.

Dr. Amanda Squires comes from a long line of physicians dating back to the Civil War.  Originally from central Illinois, Dr. Squires graduated from Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans followed by residency at Medical College of Augusta in Augusta, GA.  She completed her imaging fellowship at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, TN.

With generations of physicians in her family, there was no question which career path she would choose. After much research, she selected the field of radiology.  “Radiology is constantly changing.  It is always challenging. It contributes incredibly to patient care. Outsmarting disease is just plain fun!” says Dr. Squires.

During residency, Dr. Squires discovered a passion for deepening her knowledge of radiology.  Her love of learning led her to forge a friendship with Dr. László Tabár, a visionary physician, researcher, and educator who has contributed significantly in the fight against breast cancer. During her studies, Dr. Squires uncovered a great need for breast imagers which led her to choose her sub-specialty.  “Breast imaging is uniquely challenging.  We try to find cancer as small and as early as possible,” said Dr. Squires.  With an expectation of a low percentage of false positives, she admits her role can be stressful and emotionally draining – yet very rewarding.  “Patients come to us living a healthy normal life.  When we say ‘breast cancer,’ their world comes crashing down in a matter of seconds.”  Dr. Squires explains, that while the road is extremely stressful for patients, it is incredibly rewarding to know she found the cancer in its infancy preventing it from growing into a killer.

Dr. Squires joined Vista Radiology, PC in October 2008.  This summer, she received an invitation to join The American College of Radiology (ACR) professional medical society.  ACR reviewers are typically from academic backgrounds which makes Dr. Squires designation even more significant. In her role, she will review images to ensure breast centers are maintaining a high standard of quality.  “The role is really important because women’s lives depend on the images being obtained as perfectly as possible,” said Dr. Squires.

In her spare time, Dr. Squires enjoys spending time with her family. She likes to read, listen to audio books, assemble puzzles on the family dining room table and relish in the love of reading she’s instilled in her two children.

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