Vista Radiology Brings Specialized Neuro-Care to the Roane Community

Roane Medical Center is now offering specialized neuro-care to the surrounding communities through on-site cerebral angiogram – a screening tool used to detect blood cloths, search for aneurysms, or look for abnormal blood vessels in the brain.

Dr. Keith Woodward, neuro-interventional radiologist with Vista Radiology, is leading the treatment and on-site care clinics.  “Vista is proud to offer this screening at Roane Medical Center.  By offering cerebral angiogram on-site, we have the ability to offer treatments previously unavailable without driving outside of Roane county.”

Cerebral angiogram is a diagnostic procedure that uses a special dye coupled with x-rays to see how blood flows through the brain. It is useful in determining narrowing or abnormalities in arteries which can lead to strokes.

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