Vista Radiology Brings First Artificial Intelligence Application to Knoxville

June 5, 2019 – Knoxville, TN Vista Radiology, PC is the first and only radiology practice in Tennessee to bring artificial intelligence to synchronize stroke care. Artificial intelligence is not just in the movies – it’s an innovative way of using technology to transform stroke care. Utilizing an app called, neuro-interventional radiologists are able to quickly coordinate stroke care, reduce systemic delays and offer life-saving treatments.

Dr. Keith Woodward, a neuro-interventional radiologist with Vista Radiology, explained the impact on stroke treatments, “Adding artificial intelligence will allow us to find and treat strokes much faster, reducing the amount of time before emergent care is started and improving outcomes.” is the first and only artificial intelligence package to receive FDA approval for stroke care. The application uses a proprietary algorithm to compare the patient’s scan with a database of stroke cases. Within minutes, the neuro-interventional radiologist receives images of the patient scans on their mobile device. The entire medical team is included on the communication allowing real-time consults via a chat function.

With stroke care, every minute counts in saving a patient’s brain. Dr. Woodward described how this advancement will save lives, “Getting the blood flow back to normal faster means patients will have smaller strokes and much better outcomes.” With the application, the team consults and decisions regarding the best treatment are made faster. Dr. Woodward continued, “Early stroke detection is key in saving brains. The use of AI allows us to detect strokes quicker so that patients who come to our facilities have the best chance of full recovery.”

“It was a high priority to our group to offer this innovative technology to our partnering locations,” said Aaron Shoopman, Vista Radiology Administrator. He continued, “Our neuro-interventional radiologists have studied the artificial intelligence application extensively and believe this advancement will provide remarkable outcomes for many of their patients across the area.”


With Vista Radiology specialists on your team, you get expertly analyzed results you can trust every time. Vista Radiology is the largest and most sub-specialized radiology practice in East Tennessee with over 37 Board- Certified radiologists. Vista delivers 24-hour tele-radiology services to ensure you get the answers you need quickly.

Partnership with hospitals and doctors is something Vista Radiologists take to heart. When every minute counts, our team is on call to ensure timely results. We have physicians, processes and technologies to guarantee coverage at all times, making high-quality radiology care a 365-day specialty. With our team of  leading radiologists, Vista provides a distinguished level of expertise through the combination of radiology sub-specialties, minimally-invasive procedures and a partnership mindset to deliver quality patient-focused care.

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