Innovative Technique in Lung Clot Removal

Recently, I spoke with Jeffrey M. Roesch, M.D., a vascular and interventional radiologist with Vista Radiology, about an innovative technique he and his team are using to treat lung clots.

Many patients, who suffer from submassive and massive pulmonary emboli, or lung clots, experience a shortness of breath or unstable heart performance. If large enough, they can be fatal. In some cases, the patient is treated, in the emergency room, with a strong blood thinner which enables improved flow. However, in situations where patients have cancer, ulcers, or other risks of bleeding, medication is not the safest option. That’s where the INARI device comes into play.

Using a pencil size “flow retriever” Dr. Roesch is able to remove the lung clots while the patient is still awake resulting in almost immediate results.  “They get better right away resulting in increased oxygen and respiratory levels as well as a stabilized heart rate,” explained Dr. Roesch.  “There’s also a cost benefit to hospitals having this device available. Most patients are able to return home the following day which reduces the likelihood of infections and improves their overall outcome. We’re also able to avoid the risk of bleeding related to blood thinners,” he continued.

The device is currently in trials with several Vista Radiology partnering locations. More improvements in its design, are expected in early 2021.

Michelle Borja, Director of Communications, Vista Radiology, PC

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